Good to be back.


Hello hello, my loves!

As you probably have noticed, I have been missing in (plenty of) action over the course of the last few months- and I truly apologize to all the followers of my blog out there. Being an avid reader of blogs myself, I know how frustrating it can be to follow a blog only to have it left there sitting without new posts or updates. But of course, life went on the last few months, with or without me in the blogosphere (though I must say so myself that it is a bit more pleasant with me in it than without…).

However, I am back! But with some hesitation on promising to post as often as I did before.. And this is due to a number of legitimate reasons. The biggest reason being my official start as an intern with the Business Council for Sustainable Energy here in Downtown DC. I’ll be here over the course of the summer. Two weeks in, this has been eating up a good chunk of each week, so I now wisely plan my other activities for evenings and weekends. Though I must say this internship is one obligation I’m willing to have eat up my summer. It’s been beyond wonderful thus far, but more on that later!

I’ve also done quite a bit of traveling over the last few months during my disappearance; Thailand, Vegas, and sunny California to name a few. I’ll be sure to post photos from these travels promptly for you all! Then there’s Bear a.k.a. my Swedish partner Kristoffer who’s here in the U.S. for the Summer until late August. Lastly, my parents are in the process of flipping two (yes two!) houses as their ‘spare time hobby,’ so Kristoffer and I will also be helping out with that project throughout the summer.

So there, a quick update on my life happenings. As you can see, a very busy summer lies ahead for me (and Kris), along with an equally busy past few months that now lays behind me. Though busy is good, busy keeps you on your feet and your head alert- and who doesn’t need to be more active and alert nowadays am I right?

Well, it’s good to be back.

With love,


Thailand, Here I Come!!


Two weeks of sun, sand, and a whole lot of relaxing..can already hear the freshly cracked coconuts calling my name.
Mumsie & dad, love you guys. Thank you thank you thank you! Christmas certainly came early this year! xox

P.S. to my lovely readers: full travel plans update coming soon!